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Due to the current state of our home internet there shall be no Friday Fiction today, nor will there be posts on Monday, Tuesday or (possibly) Wednesday!!!

Basically we are waiting for our home internet to be connected and since the 1st everyone has been connecting using mobile data, and, specially, getting wifi via my mobile date allowance. However, this does mean that, due to one particular programme leaching a load of data when I wasn't even using it at the time (when I found out I uninstalled it straight away!!!), I am close to my limit. Even doing this post now is using precious, precious data!

Our new connection should be ready on Wednesday the 13th so as soon as I get home from work I will be setting it up, but there may still be a few teething troubles while we try to get all of the people with all of the devices connected. I'm hoping that this won't be too bad and that I will be able to backdate the Friday Fiction and Tuesday Drabbles.

I MIGHT be able to get a Prompt Me Monday post in after work on Monday if I go to Costa for my after work coffee AND remember to take my Freddy laptop with me.

So, please be patient with me (and the rest of the family, as we try to get our internets back up and running!

Robert reads, watches and rambles

So I had an interesting conversation at work today. There are two women at work who are... well, they worry about things. Everything. If they think that something is dangerous, they won't do it, even if in fact it isn't dangerous in any way, shape or form, they just think that it is. You can explain to them how very safe it is, and they won't believe you. The fitters and setters can tell them that it's safe and they won't believe them. The Boss can tell them that it's safe and they won't believe him. It's that bad.

Today one of them was talking about voting and stuff, and at that point I zoned out because I absolutely don't want to know what other people at work are thinking of voting (mostly because I know two people have already suggested that they might vote for UKIP and they were NOT being sarcastic!), however, I started listening again when she started saying something about Wind Farms. Apparently there's one that's going to be set up not far from where she lives, and she's worried that the wind created by the wind farms will cause the smoke from the chimney (chemical plant/ factory chimney I'm guessing) to be blown down towards the houses.

I then spent the rest of the tea-break trying to explain that this wasn't actually how wind farms work. That the huge turbines are basically giant versions of pin-wheels that you used to get at the beach and that they don't create any sort of wind, but use the wind to create energy, and that if there was a chance that they would bring that pollution from the chimney over to the houses, they wouldn't have put them there (kind of defeats the object of clean energy really!)

I guess the reason I'm putting this here is actually because I then started doubting myself. Did I tell her the truth? There was someone who backed me up with what I was saying, but she was the only one and I'm just a little worried that someone's going to come along and go "Oi, you were completely wrong about that whole wind farm thing" and then I'll have to admit that I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about half the time and just try to sound like I do! So, does anyone else want to chip in here and back me up on this one? Was I telling her the right thing? And I know that I'm right about the turning wind into energy thing, but the whole not creating extra wind and affecting the chimney thing, that's the bit I'm not 100% sure on now! (I was when I was telling her, but self-doubt is a bastard!)

I've been to see a couple of films recently, both of which my older brother worked on (just by coincidence) and so I'm just going to do a very quick summary of each

Title: Cinderella
Opinion: So, as we should all know by now, I adore Fairy Tales and even before I knew Dan had worked on this (and his name was actually in the credits this time!) I knew I was going to see it. It was based on the Disney version of the tale, which meant that there were some very fun mirrored scenes which, if you're familiar with the animated Disney film, were very fun to spot, but it was different enough to still be very interesting.
I loved the repeated use of the 'Dilly Dilly' song (lavenders blue dilly dilly, lavenders green, when I am king dilly dilly, you shall be queen) and the way that they did the testing of every maiden with the shoe. It was also very interesting how they changed the reason why they had to check the shoe with every maiden rather than him just recognising her and going "SHE'S THE GIRL!" and the same with their first meeting and then meeting again at the ball.
I actually really liked the prince, which is really what you want, and I like that he was just a bit dorky. I apparently have a HUGE soft spot for dorky characters!

Title: Winter Soldier
Opinion: I saw this for the first time as a part of the Avengers Triple Bill on Wednesday (Avengers Assemble, Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron) and here is my VERY brief review;
I think I can see why the slashers wet themselves over that film ^_^

Title: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Opinion: I REALLY enjoyed this. I suppose I was a little worried that it wasn't going to live up to the hype and that it was going to be a bit boring, because I do find too many action sequences kind of dull, but it was great fun and I think it was the best of the three films. I am in love with the Scarlet Witch, I loved her brother, I already loved Banner/Hulk and Black Widow but I think my love for them kind of exploded all over the place, and there were so many genuinely funny moments, and lots of people were laughing, which just made it really great.
So yes, very much enjoyed that film, would possibly watch again! (so far I think the only other Marvel film I've said that about straight away was Guardians)

And now I have to go looking for my list of books so I can do Robert Reads!


Title: Interesting Times
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: This is my dad's favourite book, probably because of the teacher in the barbarian horde! I think I've only read Interesting Times... twice before. Once when I was first reading the Discworld books, and the second time when dad bought me the remaining missing books from my collection (thank you daddy!). So yes, it's not one of those that's right up there, but it's actually more enjoyable than I remember.
I love the Silver Horde, and always have (I have a soft spot for Cohen actually), and I absolutely adore when Mr Saveloy is talking to them as a teacher, saying all those things that we KNOW are stereotypical of teachers, like "can anyone tell us what [whoever] did wrong?" and his brilliant berserker moment. I adore that.
I'm always a little bias against Rincewind books, but I think this is one of the ones where he doesn't annoy me quite as much. Also, for some reason, I've never quite forgotten his obsession with potatoes! ^_^

Title: Maskerade
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: So I think I started this literally straight after finishing I.T., and then finished it in the same day. it was one of those glorious reading days :) OK, so we had Wyrd Sisters which mocked Shakespeare (primarily Macbeth), Witches Abroad, which was fairy tales of various natures, then Lords and Ladies which was also mocking Shakespeare (mainly Midsummer Night's Dream) and now here is Maskerade which is poking so much fun at Andrew Lloyd-Webber (obviously, mostly Phantom of the Opera). There is a reason why, despite the fact that occasionally some of the characters do get on my nerves, the witches books are almost all fairly high in my opinion.
So I have always adored Phantom of the Opera, both book and musical (and later, the film), and I probably got more jokes in this book than any of the others combined when I first read it, and so it very quickly became one of those books that I had happy feelings about, therefore I was a little saddened when I reread it this time and realised that it really, really annoyed me about how often TP goes on about Agnes Nitt (whom I adore, by the way) and her weight. It got to the point where I was relieved when someone just called her fat, because it was just pissing me off! yes, we get it she's "A big girl" and "has a great personality" and "great hair" and there's "so much of her" and all of these other things. We get it. Shut the fuck up about it!
Sorry, didn't realise just how much it really did get to me.
That aside though, the rest of it was excellent and still brought those happy feelings back.

Title: Feet of Clay
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: Yay! The watch! So, we get the first (dis)organiser, which is so brilliantly done, and we finally get the golems! I don't know why I love the golems so much, but there's just something about the idea of them, and the fact that in Going Postal they're now a major part of Ankh Morpork and all the personalities that start to come through, and here it all started with just Dorfl.
I think Feet of Clay is one of those funny ones where I don't particularly have any opinion either way. It's a good book, and it's a watch book, which I love, and some of the characters I really enjoy appear in this book (Wee Mad Arthur for a start!), but when I think about it I'm just kind of "oh yeah, it's the one with the golems"
I kind of wish that I'd done this right after reading it because I'm sure that I had intelligent thoughts about it then, where now I've just gone back to "Yay Watch, Yay Golems... that's it really"

Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Opinion: So over the last... few years I suppose now, I've been hearing quite a bit about this series, and then the second film was coming out and I managed to find the first one on DVD, and I thought that maybe I should actually find out about this series. And then, literally the day before I went to see the second film (and just before I watched the first one) mum bought me the books in a box set because she happened to come across them in TK Max. I decided that I would watch the film first and then read the books so I wasn't constantly comparing them, as I found that this was the better way around to do this when I was doing the Hunger Games books and films.
I really enjoyed the films and I really enjoyed this first book. It was interesting to see the differences that had been made to the book while still managing to stay pretty faithful, and how they changed certain characters to be more likeable. IN the book it's find for certain characters to be a bit dislikeable, but in the film you really need to like them and to be on their side as well as Tris', and Tris needs to have someone in the film that she can be close to, whereas in the book it isn't quite as necessary in the same way. She still needs that, but because it's a first-person-perspective book, that can be shown in different ways than in film.
I'm really looking forward to reading the second book, but I'm giving it a bit of time in the hope that if I space them out, the next film will be out before I'm desperate to read the third book. heh!


Well, I said I'd add them this time!

Title: Xena: Warrior Princess
Opinion: This was a book of short stories by various artists and it was fun to see the different styles, and seeing how accurately some of them were done! They were mostly very fun and entertaining shorts, and in many ways seemed to be kind of an advertisement for the show, especially as it included a couple of photo stories with shots from episodes, rather than as a stand-alone collection of shorts. Enjoyable, pleasing, nice easy read

Title: Xena: Warrior Princess; Slave
Opinion: This one contained two stories, though the first seemed to be continuing from either a previous comic, or from an actual episode (one that would have occurred much later than I've watched up to), which meant that occasionally references were made to things that didn't quite make sense, and then it seemed to completely forget that Xena has canonically met Cleopatra before (there was sexual tension between them at one point!), but the story itself was still entertaining and exciting. Sometimes I felt that the art work wasn't quite right for some reason, but I think that's just because it wasn't quite my style. The second story was more amusing and a little more my sort of thing, but both were fun.

Title: Guards! Guards!
Opinion: I'm pretty sure that I've read this one before, years ago, and it's rather fun seeing them cartoonised really, and my one little issue with it is the fact that practically every woman in it is sexualised, including Magrat's very brief appearance. In all of the books that ever describe Magrat she's thin and plain and has messy hair, and I'm pretty sure that she's at least once described as having "peas on a washboard" kind of chest. This graphic novel gave her breasts, like big obvious breasts. She appears in one single square of comic, and they gave her boobs. That bugged me. But the rest of it was very pleasing, and sometimes it's fun to have visual jokes with the Terry Pratchett books

Title: Fables; The Dark Times
Opinion: I have been reading the Fables comics for a while now, but in no particular order, just what I'm able to find in the library, and funnily enough I've read the one that comes directly after this, and I've read one from maybe... not right before, but before that, so this fills in some of the gaps that I've got. I love a lot of the characters and the plots, and there's a good mixture of humour, terror, sadness and action. I think my one problem with these comics is that because there are a lot of different artists working on them, the artwork changes quite dramatically at times, and so certain characters, Pinochio in particular, are drawn very differently. When I first read them I actually thought they were completely different characters before I realised that it was just a different art style.

Title: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter; Guilty Pleasures
Opinion: I think that I've actually read like a little snippet of one of these comics before, possibly thanks to Free Comic Book Day, and while I remember literally nothing about it, little bits of what I was reading this time around seemed to be ringing bells in my head. I would actually really like to find more of these because what I read was really fun, and I would like to know a lot more about it. I think it helped that Anita Blake was clearly a fucking kick ass lady!

Title: Legendary Star Lord; Face it, I rule
Opinion: I decided that I wanted to know more about the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, and so I picked up the first one that I was sure was actually about at least one of them. I'm really glad that I decided to, because this was great fun to read and I am definitely going to have to track down more, because I think this is one series that I could really get into. I like characters who don't completely take themselves seriously!

Title: We Are the Avengers
Opinion: This was keeping with the Marvel theme and my continued education in the characters that I've mostly only watched on TV and film. When I was younger I wasn't really into comics all that much, but now I want to catch up on everything I missed out on. This was a collection of shorts, and some of them were HILARIOUS! And it was great to see some of the young Avengers (KATE BISHOP! I FINALLY GOT TO MEET KATE BISHOP! I LOVE HER NOW!) and, oh, it was wonderful! I really, really enjoyed it!

Title: Fantastic 4
Opinion: This one I have to admit I didn't finish. It was a collection of stories from... I think it was the sixties, and while I could cope with the artwork, the actual writing was really awkward and clunky and really, really difficult to read. I gave up after about.. one and a half, two stories? I felt bad that I couldn't finish, or even get half-way through, but I just really couldn't do it. Maybe if I found something more modern and work my way back?

Kindle Books

Again, I did say that I would add any that I finished.

Title: English Fairy Tales
Author: Joseph Jacobs (collector)
Opinion: They're fairy tales. I loved them! It was reading this book during breaks, lunch and waiting for the train that made me really want to write my fairy story last week. I've recently downloaded a book of Celtic Fairy Tales collected by the same guy, and it's going to be interesting reading them because with this book I recognised most of them, or at least a variation of them, and I think it'll be interesting to see how many of the Celtic ones have a counterpart that I recognise. though I have to say, one thing that did surprise me with these stories is the amount of times the gender of one or more of the characters have been switched in the version that I already knew.
I had recently read somewhere that the Brothers Grimm did this a fair amount and that much of the violence and gore that we know as being part and parcel of traditional tales were thanks to them as well, but this is the first time that I've seen just how true this was, though I would say that quite a fair amount of violence and gore remained!

Title: Pet Shop Boys
Author: Kim Harrison
Opinion: This was a short story that I downloaded a while ago and while I was enjoying it, it took me some time to read it fully because I got it when I still only had the kindle app on Henry Laptop and most of the time I just couldn't get into reading it on there. With my tablet it's been a lot easier to read and so I finally finished it. It was a very interesting little story and with a fun take on vampires, but it has to be admitted that the title doesn't quite work as there is only actually one boy, so that confused me at first, but never mind!

Title: SandWish; Kalmari
Author: H. Stilwell
Opinion: So I actually only started rereading this because I wanted to find one bit of information and I ended up rereading the whole book again, because that's what I do! Anyway, yeah, just thought I'd put this here so I can keep track of my rereads as well as new reads!

Quick updates

I HATE allergies. I've been feeling like hell all day because my body hate pollen and dust!

So on Sunday I went to St Brides for the LGBT service in the evening, and it was really lovely (made a new friend), and I told them about the Constant Gender Flux, and one of the leadership members is going to put me in touch with a guy he knows that runs a FtM support group. He knows that I don't actually want to transition, but it'll be someone I can talk to about things, and if one day I feel that I do want to take it that far, I'll already have contacts and things.

I have a long list of Robert Reads for you, but I keep putting it off BECAUSE it's so long!! I will do them, I just have to be in the right mood. I've decided that I will add the comics that I'm reading to the list as well, so I've been trying to keep track of those as well!

At the moment lycoris is away. She claims that she's visiting friends, but I'm still not convinced that they're not just figments of her imagination. I mean, she says they're real, but she would! I mean, what sort of name is versipellis anyway? (What d'ya mean it's not her real name? Don't be stupid!) Anyway, before I tangent completely, normally when she's away, whether it's with family or visiting lovely people (imaginary or not, they're still lovely!), I would use that time playing online games and watching films full screen, and various other things that I don't usually do because I normally spend my evenings talking to her on messenger.

This week I have NOT been doing this because our internet has been getting worse and worse recently. And so we're switching because we're absolutely SICK of it! It's got to the point where I just connect my tablet to the mobile internet rather than the home wifi, despite that using up my data allowance, because at the moment it actually works better. I feel that when it gets to the point where your mobile internet works better than your home internet, it might be time for a change. So, because of this my internet is going to be patchy from time to time, and so I may not always be able to do my posts over on SandWish (Mon, Tue and Fri), or on Hans On Jewellery (Thu), or, if you see me on Facebook, my picture posts (Wed). In terms of this journal... well, it doesn't make a lot of difference really does it? :(

Uhh, I'm sure there was one more thing that I was going to post about... Oh yes! If you have not read my Friday Fiction I would really, really appreciate it if you did! I'm not just saying this as an "I wrote it so I want you to read it" thing, but I'm actually really pleased with this one and I want to hear people's thoughts. It's a fairy tale written in the style of the traditional tales, which I have been reading a lot of recently. I know there are a few typos that I need to go back to correct, and shall do so when the internet is a bit more reliable (I don't want to edit it and then have it crash on me as I try to repost it), but I would appreciate any comments anyone has. LINKAGE!


Ok, so over on SandWish I'm going to be doing a Q&A session with my characters. I've picked a few different characters from my long list of ones that I've created and they will answer any questions that anyone sends.

So far I've written a few questions down that I can use, some of them out of character creation and character prompt books, and then I'll get any that people send and add them to the list. Tomorrow I'll write it out, so if anyone wants to join in with that, you know, feel free and send me questions. They can be to a particular character (if you know the names of any), or just generally a sort of character question like... uh... favourite colours or stuff like that.

So far I've decided that I'll use characters from at least the following New World, SandWish, Hero's Tale, Music Academy, Times Too and Wambo. (and you can find out about each of them over on SandWish!)

On Facebook I gave people a deadline of 8pm tomorrow (Friday 10th), which should give me enough time to write up the interview.

Also, tomorrow I shall do a Robert Reads, which will hopefully include some comics as well (yep, I finally decided to add them), and I'll talk a bit about films I've seen recently. Ok, I need to go to bed! Love you all



For a while now I've been noticing that I'm having trouble with my feet, mostly that they're really bloody painful.

Today I went to the doctor. I have tendonitis in my foot! So I have to take ibuprofen and get some innersoles for my work boots.

Well at least now I know I wasnt just imagining the pain!

Tomorrow I'll post drabbles to the other journal

Robert Reads and talks about some stuff

I am really sorry that I have not been replying to comments and e-mails recently, but I got into a bit of a mood where replying was too difficult. I'm also sorry that I haven't been reading anything of the 40fandoms stuff that other people have put up; that is very naughty of me. I will get to it though, I promise!

So in the time that I've not been replying to people, I have been doing a fair amount of reading, including quite a few comics that I got from our local library. I'm still debating whether to include comics in the Robert Reads so I'll leave them out for now and include them once I make a decision. I have to say, it's nice to be able to read comics sometimes.

Title: Soul Music
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: This has always been one of my favourite books, along with Wyrd Sisters and Guards! Guards!, and I have read those three books more than any others in the series. Each time I read Soul Music I pick up on another reference, sometimes thanks to the Annotated Pratchett, which is a thing I found online once which lists every reference and explains it, but also because I know a little more about the subject. With Soul Music being about music, a topic I loved, I already got quite a few of the points, but now I get even more and I keep getting more and more that I hadn't spotted before.
This is also the first of the Susan Death books, which is both a good and bad thing in my opinion. I do like Susan, but sometimes I wish that I could just read a plain old Death book again because I'm rather fond of Death, but I suppose there comes a point where you have to say "what else can I do with this character on their own?" and either come up with some new ideas, or introduce someone new, and as I said, I do like Susan.
Anyway, Yes, still one of my favourites ^_^

Title: Robin Hood (complete and unabridged)
Author: Henry Gilbert
Opinion: I was fairly sure that I had read at least some of the stories of Robin Hood before, and I am guessing that it was either an abridged version, or a version written by someone else, because I don't think I would have been able to get through this book when I was younger. The language was old, as was the style, and much of the time it was actually quite boring, which isn't really how the stories of Robin Hood should be
Saying that, it was fun to see which of these old stories had been kept in the versions of the stories that we know now thanks to films and tv shows, and being amused at some of the changes that had been made, some because if they had done it exactly as it had been written, I think there would have been rioting!
I'm glad that I've read it though, at last, but if anyone would like to take it off my hands, I would be happy to send it to you!

Title: Goth Girl and the Pirate Queen
Author: Chris Riddell
Opinion: I am loving the Goth Girl series. They are clearly meant for kids, but they are so clever and funny and with so many references to things that kids wouldn't pick up on, but adults would. And the fact that so many literary characters appear in various guises, and often as women rather than their original male characters, pleases me beyond measure.
Basically these books make women awesome, make young girls awesome, and they are funny and well thought out and even short stories, like this one written for World Book Day, are excellent. HIGHLY recommended.

Gender Identity

I don't know if people remember, but some time ago I posted about the confusion I have with my gender. I talked to my mum about it, and while she's accepting of it in a general way (we have a trans friend who mum fully supports), I don't think she really got it in terms of me

This isn't a 'Not In My House' situation where she's fine with it so long as it's not her own family; it's more because of memories of a younger me I think.

I have often been told that I look 'like a man' and asked 'are you a boy or a girl' and other ridiculous things, and I was almost always upset by it. Mum remembers this well and uses it to refute my argument that I don't feel quite RIGHT gender wise.

Now, first off, when this was mostly happening, I was in senior school. I knew little to nothing about trans issues, bearing in mind that this was back in... 1995/6 to, let's say, 2000. The T wasn't even a part of the acronym back then! I know because a few years later I was the rep for the LGB part of our student's union in college.

I was upset because I wasn't a boy, and people only said those things because I... 1; wore trousers, jumpers and blazer rather than skirts and cardigan
2; didn't wear make-up or jewellery to school
3; had many "unfeminine" traits and habits.

Also, to my annoyance, many of these comments were made after I "blossomed" and so clearly wasn't male. I couldn't understand why people said these things and I hated it.

It should also be pointed out that I hated being called a lesbian as well back then, but guess what??!!!!

The point was, this was all said as an insult to me. If someone called me gay as an insult, not realising that I am, I would be amused, but offended, because they are making judgements about me and using a term they find offensive to insult me.

An insult is still an insult regardless of whether it's understood, considered insulting by the recipient, or true.

Queer, Bent, Puff, Gay, Dyke. They all describe me, but one I find offensive all the time, one I actually use to describe myself, and the others depends on tone and context.

So, by being called a bloke I knew I was being insulted, but that's not to say that years later I wouldn't learn that some peoples physical appearances, including gender, doesn't match how they perceive themselves inside.

Now, fast forward to now with all my knowledge and experience, and I have come to know who I am (I think)

I don't believe that I am trapped in a female body, but nor do I feel that I am completely comfortable in this fairly obviously female body. The problem, I think, is that I kind of... fluctuate.

I'll have a week where I want to wear skirts and dresses and make-up and have pretty clips in my hair, and then I'll have a week where I want to hide all signs of femininity and may even go so far as to try to speak in a deeper tone.

And then there'll be random days within both of these where I just want people to not be quite sure.

The way I've been describing it in my head is 'constant gender flux' (and not consistent, which would make it quite different, but I still keep accidentally thinking it!) and for now, that'll do.

So, use whichever pronouns sound right to you at the time, you don't have to use gender neutral ones, though if you do I prefer They/ Them/ Their. If you know me as Robert or Bob, continue with those names, if you know me as Hannah, stick with that. There's also the option of Harry, which I haven't used in some years, or "crazy person making cat noises" (which gets used quite a lot really!)

At some point I'll try talking to mum again and explaining things better, but for now I'm, not happy exactly, but satisfied with the say I see myself and who I am.


Robert Reads and some other stuff

OK, don't forget to send me prompts for Prompt Me Monday. You can send them to me on here, on the other LJ account, on twitter or on Facebook. Thanks to the wonders of technology, so long as I have my tablet with me I will get any prompts sent, and I've finally got my e-mail set up properly so no matter what account they go to, I will receive! ^_^

I did really badly last month with my colourful calendar. This is the calendar that I'm colouring in for each day that I do certain tasks. January was Read, Write, Edit, Fruit, Veg, Bed by 11. Then I realised that I didn't need to keep track of the fruit and veg intake anymore because we were doing that really well, and so I changed those last month to Tidy and Up By 6 (8 at weekends). Because I did so badly last month I've decided to use the same headings this month as well.

I have been thinking for a while that I should award myself achievements (like in games) for when I reach certain totals. So... if I managed to get through 3 months with 90% of the squares coloured in, that would get me, I don't know, a chocolate bar. I haven't actually worked out the details yet, but I think something like that might actually help me to be stricter with myself about doing them. I could even put them online and create actual Achievement Banners that I could put up each time I managed to complete one.

I'll think about it.

So, Robert Reads. I should have done one quite a while ago because I was reading loads and got through two books in as many days, which pleased me muchly, but oh well.

Title: Lords and Ladies
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: On reading this I realised that I actually like it a lot more than I remember. There's also a lot of bits that I'd mentally moved into other books in the series. For example, I thought that they turned Greebo into a man for the first time in either Witches Abroad or Masquerade, but in fact that was in this one. And I thought that Magrat found the warrior queen portrait and her armour in Carpe Jugulem, but again, that was in here. I don't think there was anything that I thought happened in this one that actually happens in a different one, which is interesting.
In terms of the Witches' books I think this one is probably around number two or three in my list of favourites, with Wyrd Sisters at number 1 of course! I have a fondness for it because of the amount of references to Midsummer Night's Dream, which remains my favourite Shakespeare play, and I love what they do with the Morris Men and the Elves. And I think I find Magrat a lot less annoying in this one than in Witches Abroad.
Oh, and I had completely forgotten that this is the first appearance of Agnes Nitt! I do love her and I look forward to seeing her again!

Title: Men At Arms
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: I do not know how many times I have read the City Watch books, but every time I do I think I remember WHY I keep re-reading them. I love seeing the progression of the characters and how they grow and change; even in this second book Carrot is less nieve than he was, and more of that Simple But Not Stupid side becomes apparent. I especially love the moment with him saying how he will regretfully follow out the order that he's been given if the Head of the Assassins doesn't answer their questions. I think I've seen that, or something similar, used somewhere else and it always makes me laugh.
The one thing that I find interesting in terms of continuity is that in Guards! Guards! there's a moment where Vimes asks Sybil if Ankh Morpork had kings, whereas in Men At Arms he is clearly riled up when kings are mentioned and he knows who Lorenzo the Kind is and that he was executed by an ancestor of his. It seems a very short amount of time for him to learn so much, and nothing is mentioned about him doing any sort of research into it or anything. It's just one of those rare little slips that are interesting to spot.
The only other one I can think of is when, in Guards! Guards! they're talking about why Vimes ended up in the Watch and then in The Night Watch, it's fairly obvious that he's clearly not been forced to join by circumstance or "being brung low by woman."

Anyway, I've started Soul Music now, which is, by far, my favourite Death Book! One of these days I should try making a list of the Discworld books in order of how much I like them and see where things actually end up

A fairly usual update

Title: Small Gods
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: This is another one that I've had as an audio for a long time, though this audio was a radio production whereas the other audios I've had in the past have just been readings with voices, which I'm fine with, but it's a very different listening-to-reading experience. When I finally got around to reading Small Gods for the first time in a very long time I could only remember what happened in the radio production and there were lots of bits that'd been edited for fairly obvious reasons really.
When I was reading it this time it was strange because the audio seemed fresher in my mind despite the fact that it's been longer than I last listened to it. It felt a lot slower this time, and slightly less enjoyable, though there were more jokes I got to do with the philosophers again, and I think there were a couple of things I spotted this time that I'd missed previously. I'm always a little proud of myself when I spot another reference that I didn't understand last time.
I... don't think it's one of the better ones
I'm onto Lords and Ladies next, which is... alright, but not one right up there. We'll see.

Don't forget to send me a prompt on here, on SandWish, on twitter, or on facebook for Prompt Me Monday. This week's optional theme is all things to do with nature, so go wild (pun half-intentional) with that one!

Reading, Wiring and being Ill!

Ok, in reverse order:
I have been ill this week. For the last few days I haven't been online at all, or on the computer at all, because it hurt my eyes to look at a screen. Today my eyes are doing better (though are still a bit sore, but my cough has got worse :( Stupid colds.

Over on the SandWish the latest Friday Fiction is up. This week they include prompts from versipellis and emeraldsword and Diana. (and my mum, believe it or not!)

Reading. Right. So, I haven't been able to look at a screen, but I HAVE been able to read! On Wednesday I took my book to work, as usual, and was nearly at the end by the time the bell rang for the end of second break, so I figured that as long as I got on with my work and wasn't obvious about it, I could finish reading at my bench. So I did. When I got home I started another book. I got home from work on Thursday realised that there was no way that I was going to be going anywhere near a computer, got into bed (realised that I wasn't tired, just in pain), and read that book until I finished it. Started the next one. Today, got in, though I probably could face a screen, but I figured I shouldn't rush into it, just in case, and so read the rest of my book instead.

It's entirely possible that if my eyes decide to start hurting now I will just turn the computer off and go get the next book on the list. It's nice to know that I still have the ability to finish a book in basically a day, when I'm not allowing myself to get distracted by the wonders of the internet! Heh.

Title: I Am Spartapus
Author: Robin Price
Opinion: You can say what you like, but the title of this book told me that I was going to love it! I judged a book by its cover and I was so very, very right!
This was one of the books mum brought back for me when she and my brothers got to go to London Comicon without me! (I was busy, I can't remember what with) and she figured that I would like it because, hey, cats and puns! Yay!
In fact I could tell that I was going to like the humour in the book by reading the hand list of characters which includes: "Russell: a crow." which may well have made me laugh far more than it needed to.
I love the mix of anachronisms, puns, and cat behaviours with actual history, legend, myth and story. It's really a great way for someone who maybe isn't all that into ancient history to get a taste and then maybe want to read the actual stories in order to understand what it's all based on, while those who know the stories will be able to enjoy the references. And for those who don't know the stories it doesn't really matter because there is just so much in there that is funny!
I have the second book in the series (Catligular) so I'll hopefully be starting that soon.

Title: Moving Pictures
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: Yep, I'm back with the discworld books; I haven't given up on that. I love Moving Pictures, but for years I only had an audio version which I listened to a number of times. This does mean that when I read the book now, I mostly hear the voices on the tape (done of course by Tony Robinson who did all off the audios back then). Even when I was younger I picked up on a lot of references, because I am a fan of films, but as I've got older I've been able to spot more and more, and thanks to the annotated Discworld, once again, I'm able to find more that I would have missed because they're films or people or events that just wouldn't have meant anything to me.
Rereading it, it's really nice to see Ridcully for the first time, in his role as arch chancellor, and the Bursa being a lot more sane (not that it lasts long)

Title: Reaper Man
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: Oh I do love Death, and I love seeing him being human, or trying to be human. It's the same as in Soul Music, I love seeing him trying to forget. I guess I just really love getting to see this anthropomorphic personification trying (and often failing) to do the things that we, as humans, find so easy and natural.
I think there are still a few jokes that I don't really get in this one, but that's mostly to do with Reg Shoe and his Fresh Start club, but I think that that's just because it isn't really the sort of thing I have a real-world experience to compare it to. However, I had forgotten completely about the shopping trolleys and the giant shop and that whole sub-plot going on there. I think I appreciated that a whole lot more this time around.
And finally, Death Of Rats! Yay!

Title: Witches Abroad
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: So, thanks to Princess and the Frog, I now get a LOT more of the jokes due to all the New Orleans references! I mean, the first time I read this book I got all of the fairy tale and story references, but I only got a few of the other bits. In fact it took me bloody YEARS to even find out what the hell Mardi Gras was!! Seriously! It kept getting mentioned in all these American films and shows and I was always just like "what?" Not a clue. So yes, so many things cleared up for me now! Also being able to understand a bit more of what Nanny Ogg is *trying* to say makes it more hilarious again.
Oh, and I suppose I should mention this despite it being my moment of shame; It was only relatively recently that I got the joke about Cassanunda, the Discworld's Greatest Lover (possibly second greatest), who happens to be a Dwarf. Yeah... I was highly ashamed of myself when I finally worked it out!
I'm quite fond of Witches Abroad as a whole, probably because of all of the fairy tale references (and people should know what I'm like for fairy tale references by now!), but I would say that it's not actually one of my favourites. I suppose, in some ways, as I've got older I've realised that I am quite like Magrat in certain ways, while in others she really winds me up (though that might be the old case of getting annoyed at those traits you see in yourself!). My dad sometimes compares me to her as well. And I suppose I'm now a little less comfortable reading her than I used to be.
Oh well. It's still enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to getting to Carpe Jugulem and Masquerade, which probably come close to Wyrd Sisters in terms of liking them.


How did it get to be Monday already?! So I didn't manage to get the Robert Reads up because I'm kind of poo, but I should get it up tonight.

So, it's Monday which means that it's time for another Prompt Me Monday. Today's randomly chosen optional theme is Songs.

Yesterday I put Feb's calendar sheet up. This is the calendar I'm using to keep track of things that I'm doing. This month the things that I should be trying to do every day are: Read, Write, Edit, Tidy, Up by 6 (8 at weekends) and Bed by 11. The changes are because I was managing eating fruit and veg every day thanks to our new healthy eating thing, so unless I get really bad after we finish it (two more weeks to go) I think I can afford to put something else up.

So I have decided that Writing now does NOT include writing things for LJ posts, so writing this doesn't count, and even my post on SW doesn't count! The reason I'm making this new self-imposed rule is because I was not actually writing any stories, or even notes for stories, a lot of the time and instead writing 12character memes and other things that I wanted to put online. And while that is writing, that wasn't the sort of writing I really had in mind. However, writing notes for stories counts, so actually the SW post COULD count because I also wrote about something story related. Though I'm going to be doing some writing for my RP game in a bit, so that will be actual writing.

Editing is still fairly open to interpretation, though there was something that I was doing some editing on recently that I decided didn't count. Really I want the editing to be about sorting out the Kalmari story and the drabbles. I actually want to get the drabbles done fairly soon because my dad has asked if I can send him some of them so he can read them. I've agreed because unlike some of my previous drabbles, I'm not too worried about a lot of them. When I have them ready I will start posting some every so often on SW, just to keep my busy on there ^_~

I had to be strict with myself about the Reading column, because I was reading a book of writing prompts recently and finished it and I was so close to colouring the box in for that and I made myself read something else because I decided right at the beginning that the reading, like the Robert Reads, should only be fiction! Oh but that was hard!

The new Tidying column comes from the fact that my room gets very, very messy, very, very quickly and I need to keep it in a better state, and a while ago mum suggested doing a little bit of tidying every day rather than having to do a great big tidy when it gets to the point where I can't cope with it anymore. I've decided that I'm going to try this, and I'm going to start tonight by putting my telly and xbox away and clearing off my desk a bit!

And the Up by 6 comes from me having way too much trouble getting up in the mornings, and now I'm going to bed earlier I feel I should be trying to get up earlier too. At the weekend I'm allowed a bit of a lie in, but as long as I don't go straight back to sleep, lying in bed and reading on a Saturday/ Sunday still counts!

I may do another post later! Love you all!

Today I give you...

Ok, so over on the SandWish there are three short stories for Friday Fiction, including one called How Scott Handcock and Alex Vlahos Ruined My Life which is partially based on real events (I've just exaggerated them quite a lot! Heh)

In other news, we got snow today. FRELLING SNOW! I hate snow. Hate it. Grrrrrrrrrr. Snow makes me grouchy. However it does appear to have all gone now and so I'm sitting in Costa Coffee in Frodsham trying to decide if I want to go to Liverpool, go to the shipping City in Runcorn and possibly the cinema) or if I just want to go home. These are terribly important and difficult decisions!

Due to the fact that lycoris will be entertaining her OTHER friend this weekend, I am going to use the time wisely. And my wisely I mean I'm going to play World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm without feeling that I'm ignoring her or missing out of fun talking times!

You know, it's kind of funny, but when I was in York (at uni, not the recent visit) James tried to get me into WoW and I thought it was kind of fun, but not overly interesting. However I've been playing it this time and it's been so much fun and I've really been enjoying it and I'm actually invested in trying to level up my character and complete quests and stuff. Hell, I even briefly joined with a couple of other players in order to kick the shit out of a load of big ass elementals. I didn't do that last time. I didn't care enough last time really. it turns out that playing this game without James is a a lot more fun. Heh.

I'm currently playing as a part of the Horde and I have created various characters so I could try out the different races and classes. Currently the only race I don't have is the Tauren, and the only classes I have done are... I think it's the druid and... oh what's the other one? I know I can't do the death knight until at least one of my other characters reaches level 25, but I'm sure there's another one that I haven't created yet.

The only issue that I have at the moment is that I have to play this on my little Freddy (tablet/ netbook/ whatever you want to call them now) and so I'm peering at a small screen. Really what I should do is get Peter to show me how to hook Freddy up to his BIG TV and then occasionally I can play upstairs and actually be able to see everything clearly. But other than that, Freddy is great. He's faster than Henry, and the Internet seems to be more reliable too for some odd reason! I try to play Heroes of the Storm on Henry (laptop) because it does mean that I can see things better and it's easier to do certain things, but because it's slower and older, it does sometimes do silly things like lagging or randomly disconnecting when it's trying to load. Because Henry is six years old now and he's not doing well. Poor Henry.

I do have a Robert Reads for you, but I have left the book at home and I want to make sure that I spell the author's name properly, so I'll save that for when I get back. I'm finally back to reading my Discworld books as well. I know I did the Eric RR a while ago, but you might have noticed that that took some time to appear considering it's a much shorter book, and the reason for this is because I actually lent out my copy of Eric to a friend and I haven't seen him to get it back yet and I caught up sooner than I thought I would. So I thought that I would just buy the Kindle version and read it on Freddy, except then I discovered that I had a lot less money than I thought and so I couldn't actually afford the £3 whatever (or possibly less than that). Once my money went into the back I bought the book and then started reading, but because it's on Freddy I couldn't exactly read it at work like I do with my usual books, and I'm a lot slower reading things on the computer, and, of course, it being on the computer means that there are a billion and one other things that can distract me away from it.

But oh well, I'm onto Moving Pictures, which I really enjoy and that's a normal small paperback that I can shove in my bag and read on the go.

Right. I think I've made up my mind about how I'm going to use the rest of my day, so I shall try to remember to put up the Robert Reads later and then I'll be complete for the day... I think. *waves*

26th Jan, 2015

doing this really, really quickly before I go the loo and then to bed.

It's Monday, which means that it's Prompt Me Monday time! You can prompt here, over on SandWish, on Facebook or twitter. Oh so many ways! I shall do a Robert Reads tomorrow!! I kind of got distracted and left this too late!

Robert Reads and some other stuff

Title: Faust Eric
Author: Terry Pratchett
Opinion: It was a very long time before I got to first read Eric and I can't really remember what I thought of it back then. When I got to re-read it for the first time I found myself thinking that it was a bit of an odd book in the series really, and this time I still feel that it is odd compared to the rest of the Discworld books because, for a start, it is much shorter, and it's much more of a direct parody than many of the other books which will parody so many different things over the course of the book.
I also find that Rincewind is a lot easier for me to read in this book and I can actually enjoy him.
The books itself is an excellent way to bring him back into the series so he can have his own adventures again, which I'm sure he would be very unhappy to know were coming up.

and now I've forgot what else I was going to write about. ... OH YEAH!

Healthy Eating
Mum and I are currently on week 3 of our healthy eating plan and it's going really well. We're having a lot off really nice meals and there's enough leniency in the way we're doing it to allow me the odd day of eating whatever the fuck I want. I think I am doing better on the healthy eating thingy, which is good. please don't ask if I'm losing weight because I haven't weighed myself in a very, very long time so I wouldn't know even if I wanted to tell you.

Friday Fiction
I have managed to write one thing for this week's Friday Fiction, so go and check that out ^_^

I have a lycoris here at the moment, which is lovely, and I do so love having a lycoris here. Obviously I prefer THE lycoris to just any old lycoris, but this one will do ^_~

Anyway, I think that is a very brief catch up of life at the moment, see you all on Monday

Read, Write, Roleplay

I had a bad week for actually getting to bed last week so I have a lot of empty boxes in that column on my colourful calendar, but I did start my editing, so, you know, pluses and minuses!

Title: Goth Girl and the Fête worse than death (book 2 in the Goth Girl series)
Author: Chris Riddell
Opinion: I Love these books!
They seems to be aimed at children, but there are so many jokes and references that kids would have no hope of getting that I'm not sure whether they really are for kids.
Part of me wants to go online and see if there are any others available/ in the pipeline, but I'd be so disappointed if there's not that I keep putting it off.
Anyway, these books are very clever and very funny and definitely worth a read, especially if you like puns!

It's that time again, so send me your prompts!

Send me an inspiring quote, a snippet of overheard dialogue, a line of poetry, or whatever random words are floating around your head right now. Send me anything!

As usual, you can send your prompts via here, the SandWish account, my twitter or facebook, and remember to warn for Not Safe For Work content!

Oh, and if you haven't done so already, you should go and check out Friday's Fiction (which was posted on a Saturday) on SandWish. I managed three last week, I got bored in work and writing seems like a good idea at the time.

I am still working on my game for the roleplaying, but I'm also hoping on running a monthly game online for a few people because some of us just really, really miss plain old D&D.

In my monthly meetings with the others we're playing Mutants and Masterminds, which is a Superhero Role play which we've set in Liverpool, but within the Marvel Universe, and then there's someone who wants to run a Call of Cuthulu game, which usually I would be really in for, but I'm just not in the mood for that at the moment. And so me and Diana have been talking about D&D and I figure that as long as we can find a way to fairly do dice rolls, I can DM a game with short quests so people can jump in and out of the game if they have to.

Prompt Me Monday and Robert Reads!

Yep, it's Monday, and we have officially kicked off Prompt Me Monday over on thesandwish. The full details of how it works is over there, or in my previous post. Feel free to prompt on there or on here. Whichever suits you most :)

So I managed to finish another new book today, so here we go with Robert Reads as well ^_^

Title: Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse (book 1 of the Goth Girl series)
Author: Chris Riddell
Opinion: So I actually bought book 2 first and only realised after reading a page or two. Luckily I found book 1 before I'd read much, so I was pleased.
These books are Hilarious! They are So funny. I am assuming that they are meant for kids, but there are so many jokes that an adult would get, along with many very clever puns and parodies, that I think any adult with a sense of humour would enjoy them too.
This was a really fun and easy book to read with lots of excellent and very funny pictures which often added a couple of extra jokes, and the book itself is beautiful with shiny purple edging and shiny silver inside covers. The story itself was interesting and engaging and rather lovely, if very, very silly in places.
There was also the added bonus of an extra mini book tucked inside a pocket at the back of the book!
I am sure that I will enjoy the second book just as much (once I remember where the hell I put it....)

Eat Better, Sleep Better, Read More

I'm sorry that I have been so absent from the internet of late, I have been a little... under the weather. To put it very mildly. I am hoping that this year will be a vast improvement. And that brings me to the subject of this journal entry.

I have been thinking for a while that there were certain things that I needed to do in order to make myself feel better in general, but also to help me to achieve those things that I consider to be important in my life. These are NOT New Year's Resolutions, but things that I have thought about for some time and now that the stress of birthdays and Christmas are over, and I am doing better mentally and physically, I thought that it was finally time to actually put things in place that will help do them.

So the things that I want to improve on mostly are my eating, sleeping and reading habits (and as a side part of that, writing).
Although I have been doing my Robert Reads I haven't read as much in the last few years as I used to, nowhere near. I used to be reading a book a day at least, these days I'm lucky to do a book a week.
My sleeping has always been bad and for me going to bed at one in the morning and then staying awake reading until four isn't unusual. I've never been good for sleeping, I often have bouts of insomnia, I then don't want to get up in the morning, and when I have to get up early in order to get to work being that tired really isn't good.
And eating... well, let's just say that I would eat noodles for lunch every day, have another pack when I get home, have more before I go to bed and eat various packets of crisps through the day. It's got rare for me to have enough fruit and/or veg to be considered even close to being healthy.

And all of these things, especially the eating and sleeping, are starting to really impact on my health and I'm getting colds a lot, and various other things as well. So I have created a calendar that is stuck to my wall. It's an A4 sheet of paper with the month and dates down the side and then across the top is Read, Write, Edit, Fruit Veg and Bed by 11. For each thing that I do I get to colour in a box for that day. I like getting to colour in boxes, and I like visuals so I can see straight away how I am doing. Currently it's looking rather colourful and that's pleasing.

Fruit and Veg
Me and mum are doing a healthy eating thing for 6 weeks that's meant to help boost immune system and do all sorts of other good and healthy things. It's not a diet to help us loose weight (though we almost definitely will) but for health reasons. It's quite strict, but it's got room for flexability, and there is a lot of choice in the things that we can eat for meals. So far we've been on the plan for a week since Monday and it's going well. I'm getting better at resisting eating everything in sight while I'm out as well!

Bed By 11
When I am online I talk to and then at about 11 o'clock she goes to bed, and now that's when I turn everything off and get ready for bed as well. I try to be in bed between 11:15 and 11:30 at latest. I don't read in bed, I don't watch telly. I turn EVERYTHING off, I close my eyes and I try to sleep. At the moment I'm also using music as a way to help me to sleep. This was a technique that I used to do all the time and it really worked back then and it seems to be helping now. I put in my headphones and listen to a CD, always the same one at the moment, Most of the time I'm falling asleep earlier and earlier, so clearly something is improving. I'm hoping that eventually I'll just be tired enough to not need the music, and I will be able to start going to bed slightly earlier as well.

This is specifically working on my Nano drabbles from last year, and working on the SandWish series. I may include editing my stuff for the roleplay game that I'm planning as well though.

The reason I saved this for last (along with writing) is because I have more to say about these two! Reading includes ANYTHING, including fanfiction, the newspaper, magazines. The only things that are voided is re-reading my own stuff(unless in actual book form) and little things like signs and whatever. But other than that there is no minimum or maximum for what I can read. If I want to read one page of a book, or eight chapters, that's fine, so long as I'm reading.

And to show that I'm serious about doing this...

ROBERT READS! Oh yes! It's been a long time, but we're back! Not all of these were read in 2015, but I ran out of motivation and so didn't do any write-ups at the time.

Title: Grosslumps: Tales to Irritate Your Spook Glands
Author: The Devastator
Opinion: I used to read Goosebumps books back in school, and I even owned one, so I was quite looking forward to reading a collection of parodies.
They were done pretty well in terms of matching the style of the originals, and some were actually really funny. And one in particular went in a direction that made me laugh because it's what you would EXPECT people to do rather than what people in these stories tended to.
So yeah, I enjoyed them for the most part. There were a few that were a little boring, but generally I was pleased.

Title: Oh Dear Sylvia
Author: Dawn French
Opinion: SO different from Dear Fatty and Tiny Bit Marvellous! Still similar enough to be obviously by the same person, but a very different kind of book to the others.
I do enjoy her writing and show she slowly reveals things about different characters and I Love havering each chapter given to the perspective of someone different. I also like how it's not completely linear, but that's a personal thing for me. I also love how well she captures the differences in the way they all speak and act, including the dialects, slang and accents

Title: Mockingjay (third book of the Hunger Games trilogy)
Author: Suzanne Collins
Opinion: My completely spoiler free opinion: FUCK YOU HUNGER GAMES! *sulks*

Title: Terrier (Book 1 of the Beka Cooper trilogy)
Author: Tamora Pierce
Opinion: I love this book ^_^ I have read it once before and I really enjoyed it then, so I was looking forward to a re-read. I could remember who was behind one of the two major crimes they were investigating, but couldn't remember anything, so it was mostly like reading it for the first time.
I love that there's a reason that Beka is able to remember things so well, and that there are still things she skims over. I also love the few pages that have been "wrecked" by Pounce or Beka herself, and the spelling mistakes as she gets tired are brilliant!
I love the atmosphere of the book and seeing Corus before Alanna, yet spotting familiar surnames of the nobles, and of places. Occasionally I'd spot something and be going "I'm sure this is a reference, but I can't remember it!" which makes me want to read the other books again.
I think having the introduction from George's mother's diary is also an excellent way of starting the book and it gives a real connection to Beka and the want to know how she does and what happens.

Title: Bloodhound (book 2 of the Beka Cooper trilogy)
Author:Tamora Pierce
Opinion: Both lycoris and I are POSITIVE that I borrowed this book, but I couldn't remember a THING! Which is great in one way and utterly frustrating in another.
Again, I like the fact that Beka remembers things so well yet still skims over certain things. I think there are still some spelling mistakes which I love, though sadly no paw prints or ink sills.
The pacing, I felt, was really good and I enjoyed the tension created by the riots and threat of more. I also really liked the fact that we're kept unsure about Dale until nearly the end. I do like getting to see more of Beka's world, and it was great getting to see Beka and Goodwin working together without any of the other Dogs.

Title: Mastiff (book 3 of the Beka Cooper trilogy)
Author:Tamora Pierce
Opinion: Another one where I have to write this without spoilers.
So this was the tensest of the three books, and written so very well. I loved how the new character who was introduced to this book interacted with the characters we already know, and how he and Beka get to know each other well enough to work together.
On certain parts of the internet people often mention something that happens in the third books, but they just refer to it as The Thing. And I can now see why, and yeah, that hurt, but it was done very, very well and in a very believable way. It just hurt.
It’s really hard writing this one without giving anything away because there’s so much that I want to say, but most of it would give stuff away that I feel that should be learnt by reading the book. There is just so much in it that’s wonderful, or funny, or clever, or incredibly sad.
Reeeeeead the Beka Books!

So my plan to write something every day is one that most people would say that I wouldn’t need help with seeing as I normally do an awful lot of writing, but actually this year, and in previous years, other than writing at least a few lines of my SandWish books every day, the most writing I’ve done has been during Nano and 12days.

So now that nano and 12days have been and gone I’ve decided that it’s high time to bring back Prompt Me Monday and Friday Fiction!

For those who are new, or who don’t remember, here’s how it works; On Mondays I will ask for prompts, any prompts, from you, my lovely friends. I will pick one that I like, or that just inspires me, and then on Friday I will post a drabble, short story, fanfic, or poem inspired by that prompt.

If I don’t receive any prompts I shall choose one from one of my writing prompts books
Sometimes I will give suggestions for prompts, but these can be ignored entirely!
I may write more than one thing if I decide I really like multiple prompts
If I write fanfiction I will clearly state which fandom it’s for
For something based on a story I’m already writing I’ll either provide a brief summary of the plot and characters, or a link to where this is more information about it.
I will provide a warning and/or rating where I feel it necessary, but otherwise assume that everything is either a Universal or Parental Guidance.
I will always say who gave me the prompt(s) I use, or put the title of the book if I had to pick one myself.

Now, there are two differences to how I’d done this before. The first is that I will be doing this on my writing journal, thesandwish, rather than on here. So the fictions will be posted there rather than here.
Secondly, I will be posting (and linking to SandWish) here, there, on Twitter, Facebook and possibly Tumblr too. You can prompt me via ANY of those, though the Friday Fiction will only be on SW and then linked to from everywhere else.

My plan is to post my first Prompt Me Monday in two days’ time, probably after work, but I might decide to wait until next week if I feel that I’m not quite ready to get back into regular fiction writing yet.

Other than this my other plans for writing every day is to work on book 2 of SandWish and to get ideas from two writing prompts books that I got recently.

So now you know the plan for 2015, and this little froggy is going to hopefully report good things. I might even take a photo of my colourful calendar at the end of each month and put it online to show how it’s going. I think that would be fun.

a 12 character meme (cos)

I will do an actual update tomorrow (probably) or Sunday, but I felt like doing something a bit fun today.

12 Character meme
Instructions- Make a list of 12 characters, they can be from any fandom and do not all need to be from the same one.
Once you have your list you can look at the questions beneath the cut.
Copy the questions and your own answers into your own journal under a cut (tag people if you wish) with these rules and your list of characters.
There are bonus points for writing fic based on any of the scenarios.

1. Merlin (Merlin)
2. Ginji (GetBackers)
3. Vila (Blake's 7)
4. Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
5. Sirius (Harry Potter)
6. Toby (Confessions of Dorian Gray)
7. Avon (Blake's 7)
8. Blake (Blake's 7)
9. Dorian (Confessions of Dorian Gray)
10. Ban (GetBackers)
11. Arthur (Merlin)
12. Gwaine (Merlin)

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Two songs I made up

I know I haven't written anything in a LOOOONG time, but I just wanted to leave these here. They may or may not have any significance with something that I'm planning in the "real world", but I thought if I put them here I'd be able to find them later if I lose the paper version

The Fairies' Song
Find me out in the fairy ring
Where all the hosts of fae-child sing
Laugh and dance and sing along
Until you're lost to the fairies' song

Find me out by the fairy tree
Where fae and fauna worship me
Laugh and dance and sing along
Until you're lost to the fairies' song

find me out near the fairy hole
Where the fae did hide the soul
Laugh and dance and sing along
Until you're lost of the fairies' song

Find me out in the fairy song
Lest you stay your whole life long
You'll laugh and dance and sing along
And be a slave to the fairies' song

Three Wishes (this one isn't finished and needs at least one more verse, possibly two)
Fairy queen, fairy queen
Please answer me my wishes
Send your fairies to my son
And cover him with kisses
Watch over him while he sleeps
And ensure his soul he keeps
Keep him safe
Keep him whole

Fairy queen, fairy queen
Please answer me my wishes
I cannot keep my son from hurt
Despite my love and kisses
See that he is free from harm
Bring him home to my arms
Keep him free
Keep him whole


Robert Reads and talks of Nano

So I'll talk about Nano first.

Normally when I do Nanowrimo I would be posting my daily word counts here, maybe even my caffeine/ noodle intake and occasional rants about being a moron who writes way too much. I also normally ask for challenges and punishments (or at least I have done for the last few years).

This year things are different as the way that I'm doing Nano is different. I'm not looking for challenges because I have set amounts that I need to reach each day and if I'm writing more than those amounts then I'm actually doing it WRONG! I Do NOT want to write more than 50,000 this year and I have planned it out so that there's going to be a lot of writing at the beginning of the month and tailing off near the end so that I get more social time. I have decided to allow myself a buffer of 200 words, as in I am allowed to write 200 extra words each day (which does not stack, so I can't write 400 extra one day and none the next!), but these need to be taken off from another day (preferably one of the ones with an already large word count.

This means that I should be able to be social with family and friends on days where I have a low count, and maybe even fit in some trips to the cinema (after hitting that day's count though, seeing as coming back from the cinema often takes me until after midnight depending on the time of the film), while being less social and stuff on days with a high count. I'll also be able to get in extra words without overdoing it, and I can have a few days where I'm not hitting MY word count (which is not the least bit like the official Nano count of 1,667) and add those on to days where I've set a low count.

It's all very complicated.

If anyone wants to choose a day and set a punishment for not reaching my count for the day (whatever I might have decided that should be), that's still welcome, though remember it must still be something legal, moral, provable and which doesn't put me at risk and (preferably) doesn't cost me money.

And the biggest difference, as far as you lot are concerned anyway, this year I shall *NOT* be putting my Nano updates on here, but on thesandwish. This is because I really do want to use that more as a writing journal and so it makes more sense to put my Nano ramblings there.

I will try to remember to provide links whenever I do so those of you who are interested but don't follow that journal, you'll be able to cross over to there just to see how the writing goes :)

I'm just impressed that I've managed to keep this up, even if I do sometimes leave it a little long after finishing a book! Today's book was a birthday present from my lovely lycoris :)

Title: Tortall and Other Lands
Author: Tamora Pierce
Opinion: I LOVED this book!!! ^_^ I really, really enjoyed the stories about the tree that became a man, and the Hidden Girl story was just wonderful! I Adored that one and how it was done. And The Dragon's Tale! OH YAY!!!!! Basically I just loved them :)
I found the last two kind of odd. The first because I was expecting something different. Because of all the references to lionesses and the Goddess, I was expecting Alanna to make a Modern Day Appearance, and the Goddess was rather different to how I'm used to seeing her in Tortall, but as a story, it was still very good and an excellent read (though how people are going to explain what happened would be... interesting), and the second one I know I only found it odd because it was not a fantasy story and I'm not used to reading non-fantasy by Tamora Pierce. I can't actually remember if I've read anything by her that isn't fantasy. It wasn't a bad story at all, but it wasn't what I'm used to and so I wasn't... as at ease as I was with the others.
Does that make sense?